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Delta Capita launches the traineeship AML/KYC to train specialists as part of its DC Academy

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In the fight against financial crime, Delta Capita is launching a completely new and unique traineeship for starting professionals in the Benelux. The new programme focuses specifically on the field of KYC/AML.

Worldwide the demand for AML/KYC professionals continues to grow. Delta Capita is a specialist in the fight against financial crime, and now has more than 200 professionals working nationally and internationally in this field.

At Delta Capita, we truly believe we must invest in our people and combine the power of learning and working. Furthermore, we believe that we should not only train our own people, but also those of our customers. Money laundering is still growing and can only partly be counteracted by using technologies, top-grade people are needed to effectively fight money laundering. Human resources play a very important role in all the parts of the KYC/AML chain, and we aspire to create the best KYC/AML specialists of the future. That is why we have established our Delta Capita Academy – to share knowledge and create more expertise together.

Delta Capita Academy can provide high-end training programs and tailor-made solutions for organisations and offer professional and client solutions.  It offers various learning and development programs within the KYC domain, from starter to experienced professional. The Academy is available to support personal development with a wide range of training and coaching activities.

Delta Capita believes that work and learning are inextricably linked and that qualified people play an important role in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. With the two-year AML/KYC traineeship taking place in Benelux, the international consultancy firm responds to the need for high-quality personnel within the dynamic world of AML/KYC domain. Delta Capita only selects the highest potentials and lead with the traineeship program specializing in AML/KYC. The program includes well-prepared and trained professionals who appear to show a much steeper learning curve in practice than the average professional and Delta Capita is convinced that this is the difference for our customers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the DC Academy, please get in touch.