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Delta Capita has been awarded the Bronze Award by the Employer Defence Recognition Scheme

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Veterans add huge value in the commercial world, bringing highly developed and transferrable skills. A by no means exhaustive list of these qualities include:

  • Leadership – Someone who has led a diverse team on high-tempo military operations is readily able to adapt this experience into becoming a fantastic leader of consulting teams.
  • Management – Veterans are well practiced in key management competencies, from using their soft skills to deliver high performing teams through to individual performance management.
  • Organisation – Complexity, large teams and rapidly changing situations are nothing new to a veteran. The ability to bring order to complex problems is highly valued.
  • Project Management – Getting stuff done! This is what our service people do, usually in highly pressurised and difficult environments.
  • Stakeholder Management – Veterans bring highly evolved interpersonal skills from years of working with a hugely diverse workforce. This translates exceptionally well to the commercial world.

At Delta Capita we recognise this and already employ 7 veterans, including our Global COO for Consulting, and have seen these people rapidly take on leadership roles across the organisation and with our clients.

In light of these successes, we established the Delta Capita Consulting Career Change Programme in May 22 with the aim of hiring high-calibre candidates who are seeking a new career as a management consultant in the financial services industry.

The first step in this process is to attend our Insight Event, where service leavers have the opportunity to learn more about the financial services industry. This includes hearing from members of our ExCo, who have previously been COOs of large investment banks, a CV review with our HR team and the chance to speak to the veterans we employ already.

We have now made our first two permanent hires through this programme and have received enthusiastic sign off from our leadership team to continue its roll out, making hires twice a year.

Our efforts to employ veterans have now been recognised, having been granted the Bronze Award by the Employer Defence Recognition Scheme. We are already working towards our Silver Award and are hopeful we will be able to achieve this in the new year.