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DC Diversity Dive Episode 1: Blue Monday

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What do we think about Blue Monday and are our leadership teams able to adapt and support employees in this new hybrid world?

We are proud to introduce episode 1 of our new Diversity and Inclusion podcast series, DC Diversity Dive, a podcast in which our Diversity and Inclusion team aim to recognise and support cultural practices and celebrations. By recognising and supporting these occasions, which are an important part of many people’s lives and wellbeing, we help to enable an inclusive and diverse environment in which everyone can thrive regardless of their race, culture, or background. 

This episode discusses some of the more difficult topics relating to Blue Monday, and how to embody our value of becoming a change agent, with our host Harriet Jones and guest speakers, Lindsay Jones, our Chief People Officer, Sarah Carver, the Global Head of our Digital Business, and Frankie Herratt, our Chief Financial Officer.