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Gain knowledge and skills you need to plan, shape and manage your organisation's Big Data and AI & Machine Learning  in Financial Services program in this online course

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In this course, you will learn to:

  • Gain a good understanding of the main concepts of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning
  • Understand how to operationalise these technologies and be able to identify key areas to apply them within your teams and workplace
  • Be able to appreciate the value-add that Big Data, AI and Machine Learning techniques can add to various portfolio and risk management strategies
  • Understand the limitations and challenges of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning and how to overcome them

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning in Financial Services course overview

The Delta Capita - Alqami Big Data, AI & Machine Learning in Financial Services programme is a three-hour course aimed at executives that explores the role of data and AI techniques on financial decisions. It will provide you with a sound framework: from its origins, how it is used, and capabilities, as well as its inherent bias and trust challenges.

Drawing on knowledge from industry practitioners, data scientists and case, you will apply key elements of big data, AI and ML to your organisation, to spot opportunities and potential ways to remedy deficiencies

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Delta Capita Group, a member of the Prytek Group, is a global consulting, solutions and managed services provider. Delta Capita has a unique combination of experience in Financial Services and technology innovation capability. Headquartered in London with offices around the world, we work with the world’s top financial institutions to help them comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models and leverage leading fintechs.

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Course Curriculum

What you will learn

You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning and how they apply to financial functions such as KYC, cybersecurity, fraud detection, risk, regulatory compliance, and customer experience.

This course will leave you well informed to develop an opinion and strategy about Big Data and AI & Machine Learning's applications, as you reflect on its strengths and weaknesses, and build a business case for its implementation within your organisation.

Who should attend

This programme is designed for executives wanting to have a more in-depth understanding about Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning in Finance, including members of the exchanges and regulatory agencies; those who make decisions that affect financial results. There are no additional prerequisites.

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Section 1 — Introduction to Machine Learning and Big Data

1.1 Big Data Concepts

1.2 Machine Learning Concepts

1.3 Infrastructure for Big Data & Machine Learning

Section 2 Data Strategy & Governance

2.1 Data Strategy

2.2 Competitive Advantages of data

2.3 Project pipeline and management

Section 3 State of the Art & Developments

3.1 Alternative data

3.2 Tools, frameworks, platforms and Auto ML

3.3 Cutting edge developments

Section 4 How to identify where to apply ML & Big Data

4.1 Identification of your challenges

4.2 Challenges in Finance

Section 5 Trust and Ethics

5.1 Trust

5.2 Ethics

5.3 A privacy aware society

Section 6 Futurology

6.1 General Trends

6.2 The Singularity

6.3 Quantum Computing

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