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How Man Group’s Partnership with Delta Capita Streamlined Their KYC Process

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As a global active investment management firm, Man Group’s investment businesses invest across a diverse range of strategies and asset classes, across both liquid and private markets. Headquartered in London, the firm operates multiple international offices and shoulders intensive KYC obligations.

Man Group partnered with Delta Capita CLM Services to facilitate the management of their KYC obligations for both new and existing clients across several jurisdictions. Working with Delta Capita has enabled Man Group to streamline their operational process, increase automation, and address jurisdictional regulatory changes seamlessly. 

Integrating Delta Capita’s intelligent CLM platform, Karbon, has allowed Man Group to automate the process and created full transparency throughout the end-to-end due diligence process. Within six weeks, Man Group was able to successfully shift to Karbon after completing the full policy integration, data migration, testing and training. Through Karbon, Man Group is able to raise new KYC cases, track status, request enhancements, and configure and generate MI reporting.  

“Through our partnership with Delta Capita’s experienced KYC team and integration with the Karbon platform, we are able to efficiently manage our KYC portfolio and the onboarding of new clients, while remaining confident that the highest standards are  being maintained,” says Amy Pile, Head of Compliance Due Diligence at Man Group.  

About Man Group

Man Group is a global, technology-empowered active investment management firm focused on delivering alpha and portfolio solutions for clients. Headquartered in London, the firm manages over $110bn* and operates across multiple offices globally.

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