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Minimal compliance is a given. 
The goal? To extract strategic value through transformation.

CSDR costs have the potential to run into the tens of millions in a do-nothing scenario. Investigating and remediating settlement failures and delays can result in wasting hundreds of FTE hours. Driving settlement efficiency programmes and proactively preventing settlement fails is a huge undertaking. Organisations will need to invest a lot of effort to build a culture where settlement efficiency is a joint objective across front office and operations, alongside building CSDR solutions and workflows required for regulatory compliance. CSDR initiatives must navigate market uncertainties to balance compliance and strategic efficiency.

Achieve CSDR readiness and drive strategic objectives with Delta Capita’s modular CSDR offerings


Fast track your CSDR solution with our team of CSDR SMEs, industry practitioners and proprietary solution accelerators.


Achieve real time visibility and control over your trade lifecycle to predict and prevent CSDR consequences.


Reduce the burden of ongoing CSDR management through cost mutualisation.

CSDR delay or no delay, it’s time for greater discipline around settlements

Find out more in our latest blog by Delta Capita’s Head of Regulatory Change and Technology, Karan Kapoor where he discusses key CSDR issues and why now is the time to get more disciplined about settlements.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your CSDR transformation.