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What we do

Project and Programme Management
Our consultants are skilled across multiple delivery methodologies and bring extensive experience in designing, building, implementing, and maintaining governance frameworks. We bring an established project management and quality control function that utilises a proven delivery toolkit and training.

Project Recovery
Project and programme ‘failure’ is common; however, the skills and capability to perform recovery effectively are much less common. We help our clients address underlying issues in a structured way and work actively to resolve risks & issues.

Our ethos has been to develop an integrated project delivery function that is aligned with client success and project goals.

Quality Assurance
Delta Capita combines skilled resources, industry expertise, and best practice tools, techniques, and methodologies to manage, execute and support testing across the full front to back, end-to-end delivery lifecycle.


Engage with Client Focus
We engage openly with our clients to understand requirements and establish robust governance constructs for effective decision-making and risk mitigation.

Contextualise and Simplify
We use our domain experience to contextualise and simplify complex problems, building trust through communication, transparency, and honesty.

Ongoing Support
We take a long-term view when supporting our clients, building a trusted partnership that evolves in line with our clients’ needs.

Timely & Flexible Approach
We believe in collaborating with our clients to ensure we can react quickly and flexibly to changing requirements.

Accountability & Sustainability
We provide resources to adopt delivery accountability, provide independence or supplement client resources.


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