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What we do

At Delta Capita we help client rethinking their organisation and redefining on essential delivery of added value for the customer. Rethinking the essential customer experience, enabling swift innovation and time to market and the design of value chain optimisation. Introducing an agile philosophy for your organization where needed and safeguarding essential reliability & resilience further along the chain of activities enables complying to the many challenges faced by the financial sector.

How we do it

Together with the client we define the crucial goals for the organisation, and start rethinking the core capabilities that form the base of a Target Operating Model. Challenging existing patterns of thinking (do we really have to execute this capability ourselves) and connecting the different elements of the value chain. We redesign structure, processes, way-of-working, collaborative models with partners around the company and help managers and teams grow into the new ways-of-working.

How Delta Capita can help

We stand for innovative solutions that are supported by the organisation in order to realize sustainable improvements. The fields of expertise are:

  • Introducing the agile organisational philosophy
  • Rethinking the capability model
  • Delayering organisations
  • Introducing way-of-working
  • Value chain enhancement

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