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What we do

Our strategic digital process leverages our subject-matter-expertise and integrates ‘best-of-breed’ artificial intelligence (AI) tools to accelerate the processing and management of legal documents. This results in more efficient workflows, substantially reducing manual processing costs and risk, while improving data quality and accessibility to drive straight-through-processing in consuming systems.

Our solutions automate complex document processing tasks by converting, centralising, and normalising legal documents before reading, interpreting, extracting, and summarizing the content held within them to drive cognitive processing, striving to make organisations more efficient.

How we can help

Scoping, Strategy and Design

• Strategy and target operating model
• AI model design and build
• Advising on contract lifecycle management

Workflow Implementation

• Technology implementation
• Workflow creation and review
• Process automation
• Project/programme management

Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence Remediation Solutions

• AI model building and business analytics
• Document review and data analysis
• Playbook creation
• QA services
• Reporting and dashboard
• Post review remediation


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