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What we do

At Delta Capita, our Business Analysis and Design competency is driven by curious and analytical consultants who want to understand the real root cause of problems and design detailed solutions to add value for the long term.

Always execution focused, we work with standard project frameworks to document root requirements and ensure outcomes meet needs through robust, well-managed testing and manage operational readiness activities.


We help clients better understand their requirements and design solutions according to their specific business outcomes.

Our services can be built upon one another to deliver the best value to the customer and are often linked to other services such as Project and Programme Delivery, and Business Process Improvement.

At Delta Capita, we help in the following ways:

  • In-depth understanding
    – Problem review, requirement elicitation and analysis
    – Cross-functional workshops
    – Business requirements documentation and functional specifications
  • Visualise the flow and handoffs
    – Process modelling for current and future state processes
  • Ensure that solutions work
    – Test strategy and planning
    – Robust test execution
  • Deliver end-to-end change safely
    – Optimal project delivery mechanisms e.g., Agile approaches as appropriate
    – Organisational assessment
    – Operational readiness planning
    – Implementation of people and process change


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