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We serve our clients in financial centers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific with offices around the globe. We work with top financial institutions, helping them comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs, innovate their business models and leverage leading fintech’s.

We are a fast-growing company with positive energy that comes from an entrepreneurial spirit. At the heart of Delta Capita is our people, this is why we are committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed. We consider our team to be ‘oneDC’ and are immensely proud of our rankings listed below that we have achieved as a result of our employees collaboration.

Providing mission-critical services to banks and other financial institutions

Track record

With a proven track record of providing mission-critical services to banks and other financial institutions, we provide the technology to compliment services and exceed expectations, as well as the capital to co-invest with clients, all undertaken by our team of recognised industry professionals.

We help clients move away from their existing proprietary models and towards mutualised managed services, enabling them to be a healthier and more performant business.


Our commitment to ‘Reinventing the Financial Services Value Chain’ confirms our dedication to adding value throughout, for a more efficient, effective and secure financial service value chain both for and in the products and services our clients offer.

As the financial services division of Prytek, we contribute a variety of innovation and technology to it’s specialties, adding to its USD 300-million portfolio across fintech, edutech, AI, cyber security and human resources.


Managed Services

We offer our clients a range of existing managed service propositions, to enhance their delivery capabilities whilst reducing their fixed cost base.

  • Client Lifecycle Management

    We provide an end-to-end service focused on efficiently managing the full client lifecycle and improving the customer experience through seamless integration with other processes.

  • Structured Retail Products

    Many leading structured product issuers gain from our expertise and specialist technology in reducing the strain on their resources and benefit from industry standards and mutualisation.

  • Post-Trade

    We offer a full suite of validation, settlement and other trade lifecycle services across all asset classes.

  • Pricing & Risk

    We provide a range of front office solutions, including multi-tenant trade capture and pricing, as well as risk management across all asset classes.


Technology Solutions

We offer our clients a critical assessment of their technology platforms and internal services to help them focus on areas that differentiate them from competitors.

  • We bring a combination of our own proprietary technology, key partnership technology and also that of our parent company, Prytek, where we operate as the financial services division. Prytek, a multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore, focuses on technology investments and operations-as-a-service companies.


We offer our clients a best-in-class change delivery engine by harnessing the experience of proven industry executives.

  • Our end-to-end consulting and solutions model is backed up by a high-quality delivery capability. Our solution areas include strategy, digital, cost transformation, regulatory optimisation, cyber and data science, as well as analytics.

Managed Services

Improving business-critical functions that, until now, have been performed in-house.

Industry Standardisation & Cost Mutualisation

Enabling Financial Service companies to make the most of the “Sharing Economy” through consortia and managed utility service models.


Working with the world’s most important financial services institutions.

Business Operating Platform as a Service (BOPaaS)

Developed for the Financial Services industry, this allows our clients to focus on propositions that power their business while Delta Capita operates non-differentiating but critical functions on their behalf.

Fintech as a platform accelerator

Forward-thinking and designed to be future-proof.

Expert-led Strategy

Driven and executed by a seasoned management team from C-level backgrounds at major global financial institutions.