Optimise Wealth Management and AI

Fintech movement has created Robo Advisory which seeks to disrupt the financial services industry and make the wealth management services more accessible, giving the low cost Wealth Management AI solutions that provides investment recommendations based on the risk management and portfolio optimisation techniques.

  • We collaborate with a Fintech technology platform, which allows both institutional and retail investors to use listed options for the same effects as structured products.
  • The platform allows creation of both yield and protective investment products with customized risk exposure in just a few seconds and uses algorithms to support the entire investment process – from setting financial goals, finding investment opportunities to portfolio re-balancing and monitoring – providing more transparent, traceable and efficient solution.
  • We are currently working on natural language processing interaction between the user and the platform.
  • Delta Capita trusts that this will fundamentally improve the way many people invest today.

Chatbot interaction

User: “How can I optimize my performance in this market?”

System displays protection and income opportunities for all stock holdings

System: “You have been holding Tesla stock for 6 months and it has been experiencing violent price swings in that period. You can benefit from high volatility and generate 3% income by doing a covered call at $400.”