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Bringing our Reinventing Vision to South Asia: DC Expands into India

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Delta Capita is a trusted partner for Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), providing managed and remediation services supported by its proprietary technology, Karbon. After already establishing vital services centers in the UK, APAC, US and the Netherlands, we are delighted to confirm Delta Capita’s expansion into India in the coming months. As always, our mission is to support our clients further and develop our service offerings.

Tracey Allen, Global COO for CLM Managed Services, said, “This is an exciting development for our CLM business as we expand our physical presence in Asia with new clients. Bangalore will be a strategically important hub for Delta Capita in the near future.”

To be located in Bangalore, the new office will initially provide CLM services and solutions to assist financial institutions with their KYC obligations and drive customer growth.

A cross-functional team has been working in partnership with a client against tight timelines to recruit seasoned professionals to join the Delta Capita team. Pancham Taneja, our Regional Lead in India, brings both robust industry experience and local expertise to the expansion.

“We are starting with a team of 40 but hope to grow this substantially as we expand our presence in the region,” said Pancham. “So far, we have found some very talented people in the region who have been attracted by the opportunity to join a dynamic and fast-growing organisation.”

In bringing Delta Capita to India, we are doing more than creating jobs. As in our other global offices, Delta Capita is committed to spreading the mindset of reinvention in the new office. Through supporting our employees and creating a value-centric workplace, we hope to establish a space that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Rachel Cox, Delta Capita’s Interim Chief People Officer, has been part of the set-up team. “We look forward to working with our new colleagues in India and are eager to learn from them and embed the Delta Capita culture and values in our new office.”

We are thrilled to be embarking on this new journey to establish a presence in South Asia and leverage our new office to better support our clients’ needs. For more information on our Bangalore office, click here.