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At Delta Capita, We Do Things Differently when it comes to remediation

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As you sit down to assess your KYC file reviews for this quarter, are you searching for a better way to handle:

  • a backlog of KYC reviews?
  • bandwidth to support a spike in KYC workload? 
  • rapid onboarding growth that makes effective KYC refresh challenging?
  • the need for a KYC refresh due to internal or external compliance requirements?

If so, it can help to tap into an accountable, skilled and experienced KYC resource team that will efficiently handle your KYC remediation and refresh requirements. 

What we do differently

We have a track record of producing consistent, high quality and efficient KYC remediation services through our unique combination of performance-driven outcomes, industry knowledge, and customised approach. 

Our senior KYC team have spent multiple decades in the financial industry, and they share that knowledge across the organisation. In addition, Delta Capita offers specific training programs to ensure our staff understand the financial sector and think critically in applying regulations to complex KYC scenarios. At Delta Capita, we are continually investing in our KYC team because we know that our experts make the difference.

Our remediation experts don’t just have in-depth knowledge of global due diligence practices covering all entity types and jurisdictions, they also understand how to optimise KYC technology. 

KYC projects can be completed using our proprietary technology tools or on the client’s platform and in-house technology systems, or a combination of the two. 

The benefits of tailor-made KYC remediation

Our industry experience combined with technology, in-depth knowledge of global standards and extensive training programs on the client’s policies, allows our team to efficiently complete projects with perfect or near-perfect pass rates. 

Some benefits of choosing our remediation services include:

1. 99%+ quality pass rates

Delta Capita has a solid track record of success, employing internal 100% quality control checks (with training feedback) which provides our clients with a high quality output and reduced rework. 

As an example, some of our past achievements include:

  • Completing new country policy recommendations within six months and with a 100% pass rate.
  • Extensive 12 month KYC remediation with a 99% quality pass rate combined with regular feedback of process & technology improvements.
  • Outcome based KYC remediation for a backlog of KYC cases resulting from internal policy change.

We have a high rate of quality and efficiency, consistently meeting or exceeding clients KPIs and SLAs’. 

2. Global compliance

We specialise in helping financial institutions complete their KYC remediation projects to meet local and global compliance requirements. Governance frameworks and SLAs are designed and agreed to with the clients at the start of every project to ensure successful delivery. We also provide MI Reporting that is customised and offers full transparency throughout the production cycle.

3. Tailored to your convenience

At Delta Capita, our specialists undergo a training program to comply with the client operating policy and procedures. We do use proven frameworks to achieve success, but each project is meticulously customised for each client. 

So when our team works with a firm, we focus on their specific project needs and work within their company policies and requirements for a frictionless experience. 

More than recommendations

A successful KYC project requires full transparency and client support. And we offer a full suite of tools to streamline and enhance your anti-money laundering and anti-financial crime efforts, including:

  • Data-led and fully documented remediation process that adheres to regulatory guidelines.
  • Complete access to our robust team of KYC analysts and quality control experts.
  • Proprietary technology accelerators for data robotic sourcing to obtain information and complete KYC profiles.
  • Outcome based model for an agreed KYC population book of work and time frame.
  • Regular feedback on your KYC process, technology and benchmarking to industry standard.
  • Weekly KPIs and progress reports.
  • An escalation framework and client outreach model.
  • Ability to ramp up & ramp down resources as KYC files review changes. 
  • Easy access to senior KYC management and expertise. 
  • Option to deploy teams on-site or work from one of our CLM operating centres.
  • A dedicated project manager to direct workflows and ensure that every project is completed on time.
  • Cost-effective services through automation and mutualisation of processes. 

Let’s talk about your project

KYC remediation is too important to put on the backburner. But your project doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Find out more information on how our remediation services can help manage client refreshes, country uplifts, and quality review projects here. Alternatively, contact us today and we’ll chat about how we can help you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.